Exploring the most common challenges faced by both the family and business alike, while bridging the generational differences between parent and child to ultimately unify the family’s goal of succession.

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The Book

Published by LifeTree Media

The Book

Secrets to Succession sheds light on the challenges that family businesses face during succession. Providing guidance and candid insights into the realities of transitioning a family business from one generation to the next.

Sharing a snapshot of the entire process from beginning to end that allows families to better understand the process.

Outlining a path towards a successful transition that provides retirement for its founder, opportunity for the successor, and the continuation of the family’s legacy.


amazon 5 stars

“Not really a “how to” book, more of a book about actually getting it done, and thriving..”


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amazon 5 stars
“His PIE method is a simple guide that brings awareness to the importance of such an overlooked topic and the best practices to follow. Highly recommended, fun, easy, extremely informative book. Two Thumbs Up!”


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amazon 5 stars
“An absolutely essential book for anyone in business, entrepreneurship, management, or looking to take over their family business. I bought this book to learn more about taking over my family business and it taught me so many lessons that would’ve taken me years to experience.”


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Gerard Gust

The Author

Hi there, my name is Gerard Gust, second generation family business owner and author of Secrets to Succession.

Growing up in my family’s property restoration business, from childhood through university, I was groomed to one day take over and handle our family’s operation.

For over a decade, I worked alongside my dad as part of a father and son team. Where, by the age of 27, despite the statistically low succession rates, I was able to earn the leadership position, expedite my dad’s retirement plans, and take our company into its second generation of ownership.

It was during the course of our succession where I told myself that I would one day contribute to the family business sector by sharing my experience at aims in helping others get closer to their own succession goals. As I believe the opportunities that come from being part of a family business are second to none and if done right, succession can become a reality.

Today, my dad is enjoying his retirement, he’s either travelling, fishing, or spending time with the grandson. For me, running our family business is my focus and its where I like to spend most of my time. I get a real sense of pride and accomplishment seeing our company grow, our client base and service reach expand, while providing stable employment for my team.

I hope this book can help make your succession goal a reality.

Gerard Gust

Gerard Gust