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About The Book

ISBN: 1999546008

A book for owners and successors alike, Secrets To Succession is your ultimate guide to navigating the business succession process. From the unique perspective of the successor, I share my experience from beginning to end to shed light on a topic that is often uncomfortable to discuss.

In twelve tight chapters, I layout the entire business transition plan, how to hire the perfect transition team, and prime the business and successor for the change:

1. The Challenges of Succession
2. Priming the Family Business Owner
3. Priming the Successor
4. Priming the Business
5. Developing the Transition Plan
6. The Transition Team
7. The Shareholders Agreement
8. Making the Deal
9. Supporting the Successor
10. Letting Go
11. Managing Conflict
12. Enjoy the Journey

The book is not just for business owners! If you’re an entrepreneur, business successor, or believe in continuing your family’s legacy, it’s time to prepare for your future.

Praise For The Book


Not really a “how to” book, more a book about actually get it done, and thriving.



An absolute essential book for anyone in business